Case Study

Case Study # 1

Take Quentin who began investing in business coaching in 2004 to get help with his painting business. When he started working with his coach, his average project size was just $10,000 and his annual revenue was $300,000.

Fast-forward a decade, and Quentin is now the proud owner of a firm doing $3,000,000 a year in revenue.

With the help of his coach, he learned how to multiply crews, build team leaders, and negotiate huge contracts, including one to re-paint a National Hockey League arena for $600,000 and fulfill an annual maintenance contract worth $100,000 every single year.

Here’s what Quentin said about his business coach:

Working with a business coach made a night and day difference in my business. Our revenues went from around $300k per year to over $3 Million per year. One of John’s innovative approaches is the Profit Equation system for calculating leads to conversions and repeat buyers to grow revenue. My coach helped me grow and mentor leaders and as a result we now have experienced, long-time employees who are willing to go the extra mile. This means that we deliver higher quality work, giving us a competitive advantage over other companies who rely on an ever-changing crew of temporary subcontractors. My coach is one of my all-time great mentors in life.

Case Study # 2

Take Fred, for example, an extremely capable and bright engineer who took over a struggling, decades-old manufacturing concern with a solid customer base and decent cash flow. To grow the business, he rolled up his sleeves and got involved in every area of the business, including sales, engineering, people management, product development, and finance.

Eventually, Fred could no longer endure 80+ hour week and sleeping on a couch at work rather than going home. He finally hit a wall and decided to hire a business coach in 2015.

Just a few years later his work week had been reduced from 80 to 30 hours AND his revenue had grown by 75%, from $4 Million to $7 Million. His family life had dramatically improved and he was able to start going to the gym again.

Here’s what Fred said about his business coach:

“My business coach took a different approach than consultants. He asked me what I wanted to change in the business and what I didn’t like about it. He could clearly see what was wrong in the business and he analyzed our problems. He also had a lot of solutions. But he would work with me on things until we could both see the path I needed to go on.”

Case Study # 3

Here’s what Erika said about her business coach:

“My business coach helped me build confidence and belief in my bigger vision. He helped me build the systems and organization I needed to get there and gave me the reassurance that it was possible. I truly felt like getting a business degree, since business was very new to me at the time. He gave me a solid foundation. The thing that impressed me most about him was his integrity. He has more integrity than anyone else I know. He never said he would do anything without doing it. There were never any false promises. I feel like he really cared about me as a person. He was instrumental in taking my idea for a business and bringing it to fruition.”

Case Study # 4

Here’s what Allison said about her business coach:

I’m constantly asked, ‘How do you get your team to run back to their desks? How are they so focused? How do you get them to work like that?’ I wouldn’t have been able to develop that culture without my business coaches’ guidance and wisdom. I would have had the desire, but I wouldn’t have had the tools. John taught me how to be a leader by being a leader!

Case Study # 5

My consultant has been coaching a CNC machining shop to improve efficiency and profitability by using a Lean Program to rally their team around a commitment to eliminate wasted time, material, and movement. By improving their “waiting time” the plant throughput has increased dramatically. In just the first 6 months of 2018 compared to the same period in 2017, they’ve increased sales by 107%, increased gross margin by 3.2 points, and TRIPLED their profits.



I’ve known and had the opportunity of working with André Larabie as a Business Development Consultant for nearly 20 years.

When it comes to business… knowing what its purpose is, what its common challenges are, and how to overcome those challenges so the business achieves its potential, very few consultants can match the expertise André brings to the table, and the results he creates for his clients.

If you are a business owner (no matter how successful your business is), one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to sit down in a quiet place with a pen and note pad and think about your business as though you were someone considering buying the business.

Determine where your business is now… number of customers you currently have, number of employees you currently have, what your attrition rate is (how many customers you lose and why they stop buying from you), what your conversion (closing) rate is, what advertising or promotions are working for you and which are not, etc. In other words, get a good in-depth snapshot of where your business currently is.

Next, determine where you would like your business to be in the next 12 months… how many more customers you would like to have, number of employees, closing rate, attrition percentage, etc.

Third, write down what is keeping you from achieving the goals you set in step two. Be honest. If it’s because you aren’t proactively doing anything, write it down. No sense in trying to kid (lie to) yourself.

Next, for each of the roadblocks you’ve identified, write down what you are currently doing (or have done) to reduce, minimize, or eliminate them. Again, be honest!

Finally, once you have captured a “picture” of your business… where it is now, where you would like it to be, what’s keeping you from getting there and how what you’re doing is working, get in touch with Andre.

If you give him a good snapshot of your business, it will save him tons of time and he’ll be able to very quickly let you know what he can (or can’t) do to help you get your business to where you want it to be.

I’m telling you… after being in business for 53 years and working with several thousand business consultants, there’s no one I would give a higher recommendation to than Andre Larabie. He has my highest endorsement!

Martin Howey

CEO, TopLine Business Solutions

André’s ability to speak to creditors is magic we all don’t have.  I was looking in the eye of a tornado until I came in contact with André and his services, very easy to speak to was able to put me at ease and develop a plan with me and negotiate down large sums that would have Bankrupt us otherwise.  Not just an outstanding service but a real honest and professional person!

In 1 month of business/life coaching I was able to get back to dreaming as an entrepreneur again, all the reasons we start that get buried in the hectic days André was able to push that aside and help realign me with the reasons I do what I do.  I found the energy to get back on my sales drive and in 30 days have under contract 1.9 million in construction work.  He hustles just like us and no team is complete without a coach, I’ve found mine! Thanks André also known as The Seven Figure Advisor.



You are unbelievable.  You came in and took charge of our lawsuit and within 10 days you settled for 42% of the actual claim and saving us $90,000.  I only have 1 thing to say to you.  Well worth the money that you charge for this service.

An airplane parts corporation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Well done!  You have successfully negotiated with five of my ten creditors… I can see no reason why you will not settle the last five.  Savings $98,000

A telecommunications company in Tamarac, Florida

At first, I was skeptical about your program, but I have to say that you definitely deliver results.  Your program saved me from bankruptcy.  Savings $150,000

An interior designed in Last Vegas, Nevada